IIlustrações para "AmarElo: É Tudo Pra Ontem", um documentário de Emicida em parceria com a Netflix

Vista aérea do primeiro protesto do MNU (Movimento Negro Unificado)

Pictured here as a child is Lélia Gonzalez, a professor, writer, intellectual, and activist which work was immensely important for the Black Brazilian movement. Below, stills from her scene.

Prop Design for Tebas' scene.

He was an engineer, architect and stonemason who likely until the age of 58 was held captive as a slave by Portuguese settlers in Brazil. From 1870 to 1930, there was no construction work of importance in São Paulo at the time in which Tebas did not play a role, including the city's water supply.

Abdias do Nascimento was a proeminent actor and director who was one of the setting stones of black theater in Brazil.

Below, stills from his scene.